What is Dymetadrine 25 Ephedrine

Back in 1987 AST practically invented the energy pill. AST brought the world’s first true energy supplement to the market with the introduction of Dymetadrine 25 ephedrine. Dymetadrine 25 ephedrine was the first true and legal supplement that you could take and immediately see and feel a difference in your workouts. I can remember starting to use it in 1987 for my very first bodybuilding contest. I was stronger, could do more reps, breathe easier, it truly was a magic pill.

What made it even greater was that this energy product worked from day one. The very first day you took Dymetadrine 25 you were getting results. There are not many products that can do that. This revolutionized the supplement industry almost over night, and made Dymetadrine 25 one of the best selling supplement of all time.